Wire Binding Spiral BindingA popular binding method is Wire Binding, a spiral binding process which is also known as wiro binding and twin or double loop wire binding.

A row of holes is punched through your printed pages and a metal wire is inserted to hold the pages together.

The advantage of this binding method is that your pages will open completely flat on your desk and pages can be freely rotated through 360 degrees to the back of the bind.

Advantages of Wire Binding

It allows us to bind manuals up to 20mm (160 pages).
A choice of coloured metal ‘wires’ are available.

binding solutions

A clear Acetate cover and card back can be added before we wire bind your manual together.

Can be opened flat on your desk.



When setting out your pages it is good practice to keep all text at least 20mm away from the bind edge so that it is not cut into when the holes are punched into the pages.


Our high quality Wire BoundTraining Manuals are printed on range of paper stocks and will be delivered to arrive before your event begins. The price we quote you will include Free Delivery to one UK location.

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